Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Quality Vintage On Etsy!

There has been a lot of grumbling in the Etsy fora about whether or not vintage should be allowed on Etsy. Well, I just want to remind everyone that repurposed vintage is fabulous!

Take a look at this shop run by Tammy Prucka in Detroit, Michigan, Four and Twenty. In here you will find a great array of items inspired by vintage images repurposed for everyday use!

Let's take a look!
Four and Twenty does these great purses made from old books. This one is made from "A Bend In The River" by Norma Newcomb and I think it is great! Of course, I love pink. I really love those pearl handles too.

This one is made from "Morning Star". Just imagine carrying a purse that is not only an eye cater, but also a conversation piece. Not to mention you will be the only one around with it.

Four and Twenty also makes bookmarks. These are perfect for every day gifts because everyone needs bookmarks.

I really like seahorses because it is the male that carries the babies!

Four and Twenty will soon be offering coin purses too, so if you haven't checked this shop out yet, go now!

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Ben Can Dance said...

Those purses are AWESOME!! I love the pink one. I must go heart this store. :)