Friday, February 29, 2008

What's In A Name?

I made this little ring yesterday. I took this picture before polishing and smoothing out the kinks, but that is beside the point.

What it really needs is a name. I have received quite a few suggestions from friends and family. Let's look at some of them now:

Le Trou
Tiny Bubbles
Breathe Deeply
The page # that "Holy Holy Holy" is on in a hymnal
Holey Holey Holey

And things like that

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

I used to never give names, just descriptions, but now I am really into naming each piece. This may come easy for some, but it is really difficult for me.

Have a terrific Friday, everyone!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Working hard or hardly working?

I am so excited! I have decided to accept a consignment opportunity in beautiful San Francisco at a fantastically fun store. They would like to see at least 12 pieces soon so I have been hard at work!

I am also trying to create some new designs, which is slowing me down because I stop and play with them.

I have some pictured above that I am working with. They are unpolished and unfinished so don't judge! How do you like the paper towel back drop and terrible lighting? Hey, that is what you get in these parts before 8 AM!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns

When I am not making jewelry I am usually reading. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. Two Christmases ago my mother-in-law in North Carolina gave me "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini, his very first novel. It was so great and I also enjoyed the movie a few months ago.

This Christmas she sent me back to Texas with "A Thousand Splendid Suns" also by Khaled Hosseini. I read it and cried and cried and just couldn't stop reading or crying! What a fabulous book!

I highly recommend that you go get this book right now if you like to read! You will not be disappointed!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It tickles me every time....

Well, really I am always tickled when I wake up to a sale, any sale, but I was especially pleased to see it was a bracelet that sold.

Why? Because usually I just sell rings, which is fabulous. Once the rings sell and I have confirmed payment I get to start making them. But it is also great when something I have already made sells. It just looks so lonely sitting there and I am glad it is going to a new home.

Have a great day!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Infinity & Beyond

I have really been trying to add new designs to my Etsy shop, A Blond And A Torch, and I came up with these earrings. I am really pleased with them.

I have decided to call them Infinity. I just love how simple they are!

I also made these earrings below with three circles. So far no name, so I am open to suggestions!

Have a great day!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweetness And Light

I have finally added something new to my shop-besides rings I mean!

I just love these bangles! They are so delicate and light. And they make the most beautifully melodic tinkling sound!

The last bangles I sold were very heavy duty and I loved those too, but I also love these in a different way. They are not heavy duty, but light and flexible. You forget that you are wearing them!

Please take a look!

Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Behind The Scenes With "Indecision"

Sounds like we are going behind the scenes of a movie set. Well,
not quite. But better!

What you are looking at here is my Indecision set ready to go to its new home, snugly sitting in its cushioned box.

But where did they come from? How did they get here? Let's find out!

Well, I guess it really all started right here with this torch of mine. It might not look like much, but baby it is! Without this torch how could I have command over the metal? My friend Sandra would never call me the Texas Metal Wrangler if I didn't have it!

This is what the silver looks like after it meets the torch. These don't even look that bad compared to some of the ones I have seen right after firing.

As you can see they are misshapen and lumpy, not something you would necessarily want to put on your finger, unless you are just into that.

Ring, meet hammer.

Here they actually do resemble rings, but wow, they sure are dirty!

Here they are cleaned up and one has even been oxidized. But they aren't ready to meet their new mommy yet!

First they have to go for a swim. For a very, very, very long time.

When they come out of the pool - Voila! They look beautiful! Now it is time to safely pack them for shipping and take them to my friendly neighborhood post office!

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed it!


Friday, February 22, 2008

What a beautiful morning!

Well, maybe it is, I can't tell because it is too dark still.

I woke up to a sale today and that is what is making this such a blessed day! It is sort of a milestone for me because it put me at 30 sales!

I sold my second set of what I call "Indecision". I love this set because it has a little bit of everything- the perfect starter set for those who like to stack! It has 2 gold-filled hammered bands, one gold-filled rope band, 2 sterling silver hammered bands, and one sterling silver beaded ring. See? It does have it all!

The beauty of this set is that it understands a woman's right to change her mind, and then change it again. You can wear only the gold bands one day and silver the next. You can wear just one of the rings or stack them all on. It is such a versatile set!

And, let's be honest, it is a great price. So what is stopping you from getting your set?

I hope you have as great of a Friday as I am already having!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahhh, the promise of spring.....

I do not have a green thumb. I kill things. In fact, it amazes me every day that I have been able to keep my son alive all this time.

Last Easter, my darling husband gave me a beautiful potted calla lily. The very sight of it filled me with joy.....and dread because I knew its end was near.

My husband planted in our flower garden for me and we hoped for the best. While it did remain leafy and green, I just knew it wouldn't make it.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I walked out the front door and saw that all the rains we have been having brought out this beautiful white bloom!

My faith in myself is being restored and I taking this as a sign of good things to come. New life, new hope, and new joy.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Banners, Bracelets, And Necklaces! OH MY!

That's right, folks. It's one stop shopping with Onama from Etsy. She is coming at you like a breath of fresh air from Orange County, California.
Onama offers some really cool pieces. Let's take a look at this one. It is made from black onyx beads with pink and white vintage beads on stretchy cord.

And I think this one is so pretty! Made with blue glass pearls it is sure to please any wrist!

Onama also offers necklaces. This one is great, in my opinion, because it is lone enough not to require a pesky clasp!

Onama offers banners now too! I know this is so important for some because I have personally seen various threads on the Etsy forums where people are desperately searching for help! Now there is another great source for banners!

One thing I forgot to mention is the sweet deal you will get with Onama! Her prices can't be beat.

Hurry into Onama's shop and check it out for yourself!

If you would like to learn more about Onama, check out her blog.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just can't help it. I admit it. I just can't stop.

"Hi, I'm Jen, and I am addicted to making rings."

I have tried bracelets. I have tried earrings. I have tried necklaces. I just keep coming back to the rings. I love making them as singles, but I am really enjoy making them in creative sets.

I offer a stack of seven silver rings that I think is the best for the money because you just can't buy them on their own for that price.

I also offer a set of six that I adore: 3 gold-filled rings and 3 silver rings. It is the quintessential starter set of stacking rings, in my opinion. Plus you can wear just the 3 sterling rings on day if you want to just stay silver and the 3 gold rings the next. I just love the versatility.

I just introduced my newest set "Quatre" (pronounce 'cat') which is French for four. Guess how many rings come in this set? If you said four you get a gold star! I really like these rings and I think they make such an interesting set.

If four is too many, there is always three. "Three Is Not A Crowd" has been my best-selling set in both of my online shop, Jen Nixon Designs and A Blond And A Torch. It features 3 sterling silver rings, 2 slightly hammered and 1 oxidized and hammered in a multi-faceted design. These are awesome!

Want just two? There is a ring set for you! "Two Is Company" features two 16 gauge sterling silver slim rings that have been hammered to maximize shine.

I also offer many other rings. I recently introduced some one of a kind rings, the "Meteorite" ring and the "Nugget" ring.

If you are a fan of butterflies, I have a great ring you might want to check out. That's right, it features a butterfly and is called "Butterfly Ring."

Have a handsome man in your life that is in desperate need for a ring? Try my "Striation Ring" that was featured on the front page of Etsy 2-2-08. If you are looking for matching bands to show your bond this is it!

I have many more rings to choose from so please come browse the rings at my shop, A Blond And A Torch, because there is something there just for you!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day and got lots of flowers, candy, and jewelry. And if you didn't have a sweetie, then I hope you take all the money you would have spent on him or her and buy yourself something absolutely frivolous!

If that something frivolous for you is jewelry, then let me recommend that you try Passementerie. She has some to-die-for jewelry, all of it high quality gem stones and materials, and some of it is even being featured in an upcoming major motion picture! You can read all about Passementerie here.

Don't be fooled by imitations, Passementerie is the best!

Before I started making beaded and metal jewelry my husband would buy me so much of it. Gorgeous stuff, all of it. Last Valentine's day he gave me a beautiful diamond and topaz ring that I love! This year he finally stopped getting me jewelry because I have so much. But can a girl really have too much jewelry? I don't think so. I will have to direct him to Passementerie!

Instead, he gave me some gorgeous flowers, seen above, a music box that plays "What A Wonderful World" and a fancy candle in a ceramic candle holder with the "Love never fails" scripture from the Bible:

I Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind...
It always protects, always trusts,
Always hopes and always perseveres.
Love never fails.

I love that passage so much!

I had threatened him not to bring chocolate into the house and he listened. So I am kinda sad. Oh well, I do not need chocolate! I just want it!

Anyway, don't forget to splurge and get yourself something pretty this day after Valentine's day!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little more about me....

I work out of a studio in my house. That might sound good, but it is actually a spare bedroom!

That means that I keep all hazardous chemicals in the garage so I am always going back and forth. It also means that I do not have a sink in here so back and forth I go again!

But, hey, it also means central heat and air conditioning, and in Texas that is a VERY good thing!

When I work it typically involves a lot of sanding, filing, and hammering metal against harder metal. This mean LOTS of noise and tiny particles trying to find a new home in my eyes and mouth! So, safety first. I always wear my safety glasses, mask, and ear plugs. I recommend glass defogger spray if you are going to be wearing a mask with your glasses!

This is the side of my studio that houses the desk and computer. This is where I sit to list items on Etsy and address packages. It is also where I am sitting now!

This is my beloved torch, a gift from my husband. We are becoming one. Me and the torch I mean, ha!
Sorry about the blurry photo!

This is my work bench. My husband got me one out of stainless steel because of all the firing I do. This was when he first put it together for me. It has since moved against the wall away from the window and is so cluttered the cats can't even fathom jumping on it.

Here you can see my cat, Ginger, on the top of the bench looking out of the window. Below her is Max, looking outside at the neighborhood dog, Savannah.

This is my double barrel Lortone tumbler. It sits out in the garage because of the noise, although it is pretty quiet.

This is me after working all day in the studio.

By the way, if you like the earrings I am wearing and would like to purchase some for yourself, look here.

More Quality Vintage On Etsy!

There has been a lot of grumbling in the Etsy fora about whether or not vintage should be allowed on Etsy. Well, I just want to remind everyone that repurposed vintage is fabulous!

Take a look at this shop run by Tammy Prucka in Detroit, Michigan, Four and Twenty. In here you will find a great array of items inspired by vintage images repurposed for everyday use!

Let's take a look!
Four and Twenty does these great purses made from old books. This one is made from "A Bend In The River" by Norma Newcomb and I think it is great! Of course, I love pink. I really love those pearl handles too.

This one is made from "Morning Star". Just imagine carrying a purse that is not only an eye cater, but also a conversation piece. Not to mention you will be the only one around with it.

Four and Twenty also makes bookmarks. These are perfect for every day gifts because everyone needs bookmarks.

I really like seahorses because it is the male that carries the babies!

Four and Twenty will soon be offering coin purses too, so if you haven't checked this shop out yet, go now!