Friday, February 22, 2008

What a beautiful morning!

Well, maybe it is, I can't tell because it is too dark still.

I woke up to a sale today and that is what is making this such a blessed day! It is sort of a milestone for me because it put me at 30 sales!

I sold my second set of what I call "Indecision". I love this set because it has a little bit of everything- the perfect starter set for those who like to stack! It has 2 gold-filled hammered bands, one gold-filled rope band, 2 sterling silver hammered bands, and one sterling silver beaded ring. See? It does have it all!

The beauty of this set is that it understands a woman's right to change her mind, and then change it again. You can wear only the gold bands one day and silver the next. You can wear just one of the rings or stack them all on. It is such a versatile set!

And, let's be honest, it is a great price. So what is stopping you from getting your set?

I hope you have as great of a Friday as I am already having!



Une Petite Etoile said...

I do love these - gorgeous! But I don't wear yellow gold anymore. I love my silver rings, though. And I would really love it if you would do some of these in white gold. ;-)

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, Une!

I am hoping to move to white gold soon so stay tuned!