Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little more about me....

I work out of a studio in my house. That might sound good, but it is actually a spare bedroom!

That means that I keep all hazardous chemicals in the garage so I am always going back and forth. It also means that I do not have a sink in here so back and forth I go again!

But, hey, it also means central heat and air conditioning, and in Texas that is a VERY good thing!

When I work it typically involves a lot of sanding, filing, and hammering metal against harder metal. This mean LOTS of noise and tiny particles trying to find a new home in my eyes and mouth! So, safety first. I always wear my safety glasses, mask, and ear plugs. I recommend glass defogger spray if you are going to be wearing a mask with your glasses!

This is the side of my studio that houses the desk and computer. This is where I sit to list items on Etsy and address packages. It is also where I am sitting now!

This is my beloved torch, a gift from my husband. We are becoming one. Me and the torch I mean, ha!
Sorry about the blurry photo!

This is my work bench. My husband got me one out of stainless steel because of all the firing I do. This was when he first put it together for me. It has since moved against the wall away from the window and is so cluttered the cats can't even fathom jumping on it.

Here you can see my cat, Ginger, on the top of the bench looking out of the window. Below her is Max, looking outside at the neighborhood dog, Savannah.

This is my double barrel Lortone tumbler. It sits out in the garage because of the noise, although it is pretty quiet.

This is me after working all day in the studio.

By the way, if you like the earrings I am wearing and would like to purchase some for yourself, look here.


Une Petite Etoile said...

The face mask is hot. Only you could make such a thing look sexy!

Passementerie said...

Yes, I have to agree with the above are rockin' the hawt face mask look Jen!

Sandra Eileen said...

Yay for the tour of the studio....

And You Do Look Adorable with your protective gear on.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, guys!

But it is really the mask!

Without it I am nothing!

Ben Can Dance said...

Only you could look gorgeous in a face mask and goggles!

I like the workbench that the cat is perched on too. I need one of those.

A Blond And A Torch said...

I think they come with the cats!

Anonymous said...

I love your workbench. Exactly what I have been looking for - can you tell me where you bought it? Thank you!

A Blond And A Torch said...

My husband bought it at Sam's Wholesale.