Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day Of Recovery

Here in the Nixon household, we are all super tired from the hectic Easter weekend, which you can take a look at in yesterday's post if you like.

We are all crashing from our sugar highs and even the dogs are comatose from all their running and carrying on this weekend.

Lucy is the brown dog and Layla is the white one. They are both loads of fun and completely untrainable! But we love them anyway!

The Easter Bunny made it to our house and I sure hope he made it to yours too.
My son does not eat any type of candy, but has recently become totally enamored with junk food. So the Easter Bunny loaded up Jake's basket with cinnamon rolls, cookies, powdered donuts and sports themed eggs.

The Easter Bunny filled my basket with lots of Reese's peanut butter treats! My personal favorites! He also brought me three potted flowers. I think these are going to look lovely once they are planted in our front yard. It is truly sad that I do not have a green thumb and that they essentially received a death sentence once they were given to me. But hey! My calla lily from last Easter has revived itself, so maybe these will last? I will keep you posted because I am sure you are already on the edge of your seat.

Remember: One sure thing to get you out of an Easter slump is jewelry! No, seriously! So go on and treat yourself here and feel proud that you are supporting handmade.
Be good!


spaz said...

awww, you're puppies are so cute!

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thank you! You want them? Just kidding!

Sandra Eileen said...

Rest up!

Helen said...

I think your doggies are getting a good rest! Nice blog!