Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Excuse me, but I think you left out an N...."

Um, no. No they didn't! Don't you love well-meaning people? I do too, but they are not always right when they are dishing out their helpful advice. So let me give you some advice as well. Go check out this great Etsy shop Organic Beginings. Oh no! Did I just leave an 'N' out of beginnings? No, I was spelling it the proper way for this shop. But thanks for playing. The owners did it on purpose as well! KTHXBYE! No, seriously, let's take a look at their shop!

Organic Beginings is full of wonderful, natural, eco-friendly products. They use natural unbleached fabrics, organic fabrics and yarns in many of their products.
These fibers are amazingly soft and gentle as no bleach or artificial dye is used ,and the long fibers in the fabric and yarns make them extremely soft and skin friendly. Perfect for baby!

They will even wrap your package in eco friendly wrapping with a pretty ribbon! You can't beat that! And they are more than willing to mix and match items to make a set just for you.

This is a set of 2 burp cloths . One is made from 100% cotton toile ,the other is made with 100% quilted organic cotton and both are backed with 100% organic cotton toweling.
This is giving you the best of both worlds: organic backing next to baby's skin paired with a chic pale green and cream cotton toile and organic quilted cotton.

I just love this little hat! If my upcoming IVF-ET is successful (most of you will need to Google that) and I have a girl, or 8 girls as my friends tease, then I will be getting this hat!

Or this hat if I have one or 13 boys!

But is Organic Beginings just about baby? No way! There are also some things for Mommy!

This scarf is made from Bamboo wool , which is extremely soft and cozy.It is in beautiful sage and vanilla tones and measures 30 inches long .With 3 large wooden buttons to keep it closed , it is worn around the neck like a very cozy sweater neckline.This is the latest European fashion in scarves,and looks very chic.This would make a great warm valentines gift.

This is a beautiful European style scarf/collar also, knitted in extra warm 70% merino and 30% soy wool mix. It is dyed with environmentally friendly warm winter colors and makes the perfect accessory for any of your outfits . It has hand knit flower buttons which have a wonderful depth . It would make a great valentines gift while showing love to a worthy cause.
Organic Beginings is offering this scarf at 50% off with free shipping. All proceeds will go to Dawn's sons .
For those of you who don't know, Dawn had an Etsy shop and was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Two young boys were left behind.

So, like I said, go check out Organic Beginings and their other shop while you are at it, Cupcake 2 Create for some fabulous jewelry.


For Your Pretties said...

You are too cute!

What a fun way you have with your posts. Great shop too!

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, For Your Pretties!

OrganicBeginings said...

thank you for featuring my little mis spelled (intentionally )shop :o) , lets go eco everyone yay ........a blond with a torch is a great new blog i'm hooked on reading daily

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, OB!
I am glad you liked it!

Ben Can Dance said...

Awwwwwww, those are the sweetest baby clothes ever. :)

terrain said...

I bought my new niece some clothing from organicbeginings, and I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship. They were unbelievably soft and toucable!