Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey, that is one Funky Quail!

Sorry, bird lovers, not that kind of quail! Well, what I am talking about is a fantabulous Etsy store by the name of Funky Quail™ (no, no relation to Dan)!

Who is Funky Quail™? Funky Quail is a label and art studio made up of Becky Dreistadt, the about-to-be-famous comic artist, and her step-mom Elizabeth. Becky provides the shirt artwork, Elizabeth and her sister provide the ideas for the shirt designs.

Hungry for a little background info on the artist? Well, you are in luck because it is feeding time!

Becky has been drawing since she held her first crayon. She is currently a sequential art student at SCAD (that's a major in comic art, for those of you who don't already know that) draws a weekly webcomic, has been published in "The Webcomic Hurricane Relief" book and will be featured the premiere issue of "Squid and Ink" this Spring. She won a Congressional Art Award in 2004. Her hand-painted shirts are all one-of-a-kind originals, currently featuring Pugs and Corgis.

Elizabeth and her sister, Marty, are knitters who cannot draw. Frustrated by the lack of groovy shirts for knitters, but fully aware of their stick drawing abilities, they brought their ideas to Becky, who brilliantly brought the ideas to life! Now they have fun and funky shirts to wear to their respective knitting groups in Atlanta and Chicago. And now so can you!

Elizabeth recently received a merit award from the Kwik Sew Company in their 2007 purse design competition. Her work in handbag design, wearable art, and knitted designs can be seen at various art and craft shows through-out the Atlanta area. She also writes all the promotional copy for her talented step-daughter, Becky.

Attention knitters: Funky Quail™ is where you can find fantabulous Needle Junkie™, Ninja Knitter™, and Knitting Nirvana™ Apparel! Check it out!

Who says kitties can't knit?

Tote bags to hold all your knitting gear can be found there as well!
Do you feel as if you are in knitting nirvana? Well, let the world know!

Currently, Funky Quail™ is offering a free gift with purchase! Everyone loves to get something for free, am I right? If you hurry, they will send you one "Mean Girls Don't Knit" youth tee with the purchase of any knitting-themed tee or hoodie! This is only while supplies last, so get off you rear!

So, if you are roaming around the Etsy fora and you run into Funky Quail, just who are you communicating with? Elizabeth, that's who! She just so happens to be a dear friend of mine, so I highly recommend that if you do run into her, that you say hi! And since I am handing out free recommendations today, I also highly recommend that you visit their shop, Funky Quail™, and check out their vintage wear at Funky Quail Vintage™ and Elizabeth's bags and such at Funky Quail Too™!

And you don't have to feel guilty about shopping with Funky Quail™! Ten percent of all purchases are donated to the American Cancer Society! So now you know that shopping can save lives!

*All artwork, designs, text, etc. from these items and within the shop are copyright 2005 - 2007 by Hei and Drei Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

*Funky Quail™, Ninja Knitter™, Needle Junkie™ and all other marks listed in this shop are registered trademarks of Hei and Drei Enterprises, Inc.

*All photos used with express permission from Funky Quail™.


Luxe Knits said...

What a fun shop.... have to check it out!

Ben Can Dance said...

I must say that although I don't knit, FunkyQuail has another shop with the greatest bags ever! I have one of her hobo/messenger bags with skulls on it! I get soooooo many compliments when I walk into the post office with all my packages tucked into it. :)

A Blond And A Torch said...

Must be nice having all those packages to mail, Ben!

You are right, Funky Quail Too has great bag!

terrain said...

It's so great to hear about family-managed businesses. What great artwork! And I just love the name "Funky Quail".