Friday, January 18, 2008

These aren't your grandmother's knits!

I have said this in an earlier post, but it bears repeating. is a great site that allows those who make handmade goods to peddle their wares. Unfortunately it is overcrowded and can be hard to find quality items.

Fret no more! This blog will be your guide, your light in the store, er, I mean storm! As always, or at least since this past Wednesday, I am bringing you up-to-date on some of the wonderful and talented artists on Etsy - one blog post at a time!

Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful knitter, as well as a south paw, Sandra. She has recently started a new store showcasing her artisan hand knit accessories, Luxe Knits.

Looking at Sandra's shop announcement tickles me because she makes such a great point in one simple sentence: Why just be warm when you can be gorgeous at the same time?

Duh! I don't know why more people don't get this. Thankfully, Sandra makes it easy for us!

Starting from waaaaay back, Sandra has always appreciated the look and feel of hand knit sweaters. Then one day, in a knit shop, a customer took Sandra aside and taught her how to knit! Turns out the customer was also left handed, like Sandra, which was fortunate because it takes a lot more effort for those south paws to knit. It can take even longer to learn if the one doing the teaching is right handed. I am sure you can imagine.

Sandra's first project was a twisted-stitch scarf. As a second project, she took on a cardigan sweater with 7 different colors and textures of yarns and a variety of stitches. Sandra was determined to do this sweater, despite so many seasoned knitters telling her this was too lofty of a goal for a beginner.

Fifteen years later, Sandra still has and wears that sweater!

By the way, it can take a month or so of knitting to complete an adult sized sweater!

Sandra kept going with her knitting and has perfected it in my humble opinion. She loves to incorporate hand spun and hand dyed yarns in a highly unique and gorgeous design. All the yarns that she uses are of the highest quality which is reflected in her work.

The result of all of Sandra's hard work? Hand knit designs that are fun, flirty, and absolutely fabulous!

I have so many favorites from this shop, but one of my very favorites is pictured above, the Hugs and Kisses Valentine Scarf. I just love it! Scarves make great gifts because they are so luxurious and you don't have to worry about sizes! It will warm her heart! And the rest of her!
The Hugs and Kisses Valentine Scarf is blended from yarns of wool, acrylic and poly in a brilliant array of glowing red, dusty pink and vibrant oranges and yellows. What a beauty!

Let's take a look at some more!

This is my favorite cowl in her shop! It is so versatile that it can even be pulled over your shoulders as a capelet, or rolled up on your neck as a turtle neck!

This unisex scarf is wonderful with its gorgeous toasty Caramel Brown Sugar Natural Alpaca yarn. By the way, this yarn is not dyed. That is right, this is the color of the alpaca that grew the fiber!

I just love this neck cozy! It was lovingly hand knit in a soft and airy acrylic, wool, poly, and mohiar blended yarn in the sweetest shade of pale aqua-blue. Talk about fun and flirty!

Did you know that it can take weeks to complete a large wrap? Well, it does when it is not made on a production line. These are all made painstakingly by hand, and for that, it takes time and patience. Check out this wrap! I love them because wraps are so versatile. They can substitute for a coat in milder climiates, look great over a coat, suit jacket, or even a jean jacket.They are perfect in the office under the air conditioner or by drafty windows and are marvelous for cuddling under at the movies or on the sofa! They also look fabulous for a night out on the town.
This wrap is made with wool, mohair, silk, acrylic and rayon yarns and ribbons! It is just beautiful!

Sandra also knits hats. This one is her Confetti Cap. She first designed her confetti cap to take advantage of the luxurious yarns available, but that were somewhat expensive to have an entire garment knit from.

Cashmere, silk, alpaca, yak... lovely ribbon yarns.. all individually selected and are incorporated into the hat.

She was asked several times to produce a pattern for her Confetti Caps, but has not, as each is an individual creation that comes to life as she coordinates the yarns and selects the appropriate needle size.

Isn't that so cool?

Another design is the Confetti Should Bag. This is a spectacular alternative to all the commercially made bags that seem to be on everyone's shoulders these days. This is a way to really stand out!

Now that you have had a look at some of the original designs of Luxe Knits, please go take a look at the rest. You will be so glad you did!

Everything in the shop has been carefully hand knit and is original. If you are not the type who wants to look like everyone else then Luxe Knits is for you!

* All pictures used with permission from Luxe Knits.


Luxe Knits said...


What a nice feature! Thanks so much for featuring my new knit shop Luxe Knits in your fun new blog: A Blond and a Torch. You definitely have a way with words... quite enjoyable to read!

I wish you well with your new blog and new shop as well : - Your metal jewelry is fun!

Wrapping you in luxurious knits - Luxe Knits

Ben Can Dance said...

Such beautiful items! The caramel brown scarf is my favorite. I love the weave (pattern?). I sooo wish I lived someplace COLD so I could buy it.

Nicole said...

drool. :-)

it's funny how before reading this, i had no sense of needing any new knitwear, and now i'm . . . you know . . . contemplating. haha.

terrain said...

Now I'm thinking all knits should be luxe... I'm a southpaw too, and I can't imagine knitting anything that nice.