Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ultimate In Stacking Ring Sets!

Seriously, I love this set. I am wearing it right now. Why is it so special? Because it is the Ultimate Stacker Set is why!

I took eight different sterling silver rings and threw them all together in this set. You get a little bit of everything:
one hammered band
one full beaded band
one satin finish band
one braided band
one twisted band
one half beaded band - oxidized
one multi-faceted hammered band
one multi-faceted hammered band - oxidized

This may be too much for you to handle, and I understand that. But don't worry! I have smaller sets available too. There are just a few examples below.

This is the Three's Not A Crowd set. It is one of most popular sets. It consists of three sterling silver rings: two hammered bands and one oxidized hammered band.

This is one of my prettiest sets, in my opinion. It is the Party Of Five Set and you guessed it, it has five sterling silver rings: two beaded, two hammered, and one braided.

To the right is Twisted. It consists of three rings: two sterling silver twisted bands and one gold-filled twisted band.

This is a set of three Dotted or beaded rings. They are super cute!

Ahhhhh. I adore this beautiful set. Eternal Love is what I call it because of the feeling it gives me when I look at it. It features two fully beaded rings and one 3 mm band, all made from sterling silver. It is so classy.

Well, I hope you have seen something to write home about. If not, Take a look at my shop, A Blond And A Torch, to see more!

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Autonomous Artisans said...

Oooooooooo Gorgeous work! I'm loving them all but I like the first one best :)

Twinklescrapbooks said...

Beautiful rings!
:) tina

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thank you both!

Femme Details said...

Really nice rings

A Blond And A Torch said...


Mrs.French said...

once again, your pieces are beautiful.