Friday, April 4, 2008

New Stuff, Come And Get It!

Yay! I finally added the new set I was talking about and named it Quattuor. To refresh your memory, it consists of my Three's Not A Crowd Rings and one Dotted Ring. I just love this combination!

Another thing I like about it is that once you have it, it is so fun to mix and match with other stacking rings! You could add more Dotted Rings or more plain hammered bands, like my Azygos Ring, or and oxidized one. There is a lot of potential here.
I also listed my Hip To Be Square earrings. I just love these! They were made from 16 gauge sterling silver and formed in to squares. I then hammered and oxidized them. I made the ear wires from 22 gauge sterling silver and work hardened them for strength.

These earrings hang at an angle and I just think they are so cool!

I also added a new ring set, which I call Twisted. It consists of three rings with a twisted design. Two of the rings I made from sterling silver and one is gold-filled. They make such a cool, but elegant set.

I will also be offering these in all sterling silver or all gold-filled and maybe even two gold-filled and one silver. I am not sure yet, but there are a few possibilities to work with!

Thank God it's Friday!



Une Petite Etoile said...

I'm thankful it's Friday as well....*very* thankful!

I love your rings....but of course you already know that! ;-)

Sandra Eileen said...

I like your new earrings!!!!

Elizabeth said...

More awesomeness from A BlondandaTorch!

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thank you all!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great work Jen, I really like the "Party of Five" set. Beautiful.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, Scott!

Christopher And Tia said...

wow. those are beautiful.

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thanks, Christopher and Tia!

Mrs.French said...

so, beautiful.