Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Mini Rant


I know there are many of you out there that rely on consigning your goods and, of course, the old net 30. I was once one. Unfortunately I have found myself ripped off by a certain store and it is so disheartening. I hate that there are people out there who are so dishonest.

Thankfully, there are lawyers and courts out there and it seems I will be heading to one in a couple of weeks. And I will be recovering my court costs when I win!

I was lucky enough to have documented everything, and I suggest you do the same with any retailer you are doing business with. I have every piece of correspondence there is and I am told this will win my case. I have even been in contact with two others that have had the same issues with this particular store.

Make sure you save everything, even things that do not seem relevant. I hope you will never find yourself in this situation, but always be prepared.

/end rant

That being said, I have had a wonderful consignment experience with another store on the west coast and I could not be happier with them. They are absolutely honest, lovely ladies, but because of the one bad apple, I would never enter in to anything similar ever again.


Rocki said...

Oh wow, sorry to hear this and hope your case doesn't drag on! I agree, we must always make good documentation in both personal and business matters. I'm was a legal assistant for several years and I know how important this is.

Susan said...

I was thinking about you just the other day! If you need any help let me know ; ) I have not accepted a single out of state consignment offer since.