Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's up, Doc?

With the holidays around the corner, I have been desperately working in the studio to come up with new designs. Look to my shop in the coming days to see some new pieces!

Pictured above is the Striation Ring. I formed it from sterling silver and hammered vertical grooves all around it. I love wearing these because they catch so much light and people always comment on them.

Coming soon: Striation Bangles!

I am also working on some new cuffs, bangles, and rings! Here is a hint: Some have hearts. Some of you know I have been adding more post earrings to my shop and I will continue to add more posts and some clip earrings as well. Everyone needs options.

For the men in your life, I have added cuff links! Currently I am offering some beautiful hammered ones and personalized ones too. I plan on adding more styles soon!

Have a wonderful Thursday, and please stop by my shop!


Une Petite Etoile said...

Aside from my wedding rings (of course), those are my very favorite rings.

I *love* them. ;-)

A Blond And A Torch said...

Thank you so much!!